Flimtoberfest! (Week 4)

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We are in the home stretch here, people! For the last 10 days of the month, we’ll be posting some of our secret costume reserve: our personal favorites!

Day 22:

If you aren’t moved by Mr. Bergstrom’s whirlwind stint as Lisa’s substitute teacher/role model/crush, then (unlike Superintendent Chalmers when offered a brick of Jell-O with a grape in it) you must be made of stone. I challenge you to find a second grader who does nearly as good a job finding the (mostly) obscure flaws in Mr. Bergstrom’s 1830 Texas cowboy outfit. I especially challenge you to find a second grader who is tuned in to race enough to be able to tell on sight if a person is of Jewish descent. Yes, there were a few Jewish cowboys, and you can be one too!


Lisa’s Substitute
(Season 2, 1991)

And remember, Halloween, or any costume you make should bring you joy, don’t sweat the small details. If you can’t be–or just don’t want to be–100% accurate, who cares! It’s about the fun you have making and wearing it!

Day 23:

In “Marge in Chains,” Marge is in prison and no one else in the family knows how to do laundry, so Homer shows up to visitation day wearing what Marge notes is an old Halloween costume. The lesson is, don’t be ashamed to recycle hit costumes from year’s past! It’s what Poochie would’ve wanted–even if Mr. Burns doesn’t know what you’re talking about!


Marge in Chains
(Season 4, 1993)

Sharp-eyed fans might catch the reference to “Whacking Day,” the previous episode, where Homer is shown wearing an identical outfit in a fantasy.


Whacking Day
(Season 4, 1993)

Evil Homer is definitely one of the most-quoted Simpsons jokes from my high school years, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Day 24:
This is a costume that obviously took a lot of work. You can tell Maude appreciates it though, and even if your audience is only one, that makes it worth while…


I Love Lisa
(Season 4, 1993)

As much as I’m not religious at all, I really love Ned and how he can be so nice in the face of almost anything (except the service at the post office, and his parents. Lousy beatniks!) This is Ned at his most Flanders, romancing his wife on Valentine’s Day with a hilariously sanitized version of Rod Stewart’s Da Ya Think I’m Sexy. I’m surprised Ned even knows about this song.

Play this clip while watching the GIF for maximum lolz:

Day 25:
Even at his lowest, Milhouse manages to look cute in his Shirley Temple inspired costume…


Burns Heir
(Season 4, 1994)

Too bad he didn’t win Mr. Burns approval. Costume contests can be very cutthroat, the important thing it to enjoy the experience itself.

Day 26:


Homie the Clown
(Season 6, 1995)


Homie the Clown
(Season 6, 1995)


Homie the Clown
(Season 6, 1995)


Kamp Krusty
(Season 4, 1992)

I’m seein’ double! Twelve Krusties!
Scary clown costumes seem to be kind of “in” right now (seriously, America?), and there are many ways you can go with this! My favorite has to be Barney as Krusty; he’s scary, but not “boogedy boogedy” scary.

Day 27:
A lot of people live very quiet reserved lives even though they’re just aching to let their inner self out! Halloween is one of those rare days on the calendar when we’re all allowed let our freak flag fly! So why not take advantage, you might even find a kindred spirit…


(Season 5, 1993)

Smithers is modeling a customized bear suit, not only for himself, but in an attempt to bring his boss a little joy. So sweet. Kind of reminds me of something… excuse me, I’ve got something in my eye *sniff*

Day 28:
A simple way to transform your look, is with an elegant wig! So many styles to chose from. Of course the good ones can be a bit pricey, but they’re worth it.

Wud Fir

Bart on the Road
(Season 7, 1996)

So, if you’re looking for that one thing, to make yourself feel like a completely different person, a wig is just what you need.

i love you homie

Homer Loves Flanders
(Season 7, 1996)

Day 29:
The family that cosplays together, slays together! Family and group themed costumes are just a small niche for Halloween, parades, or other events. It isn’t often you can convince your brother, sisters–not to mention mom and dad–but if you’ve got peers, why not go for broke and put together a team themed costume?

I'll be in the car dudes

Raging Abe Simpson And His Grumbling Grandson In
‘The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish
(Season 7, 1996)

All you’ve got to do is pick the right group. You could all go as a bowling team, scouts, firefighters are always popular, but what about steel workers or rock musicians?


Groups not pictured: Isotopes baseball, Astronauts, Angry Mob, Congealed…

Day 30: Almost there!

Squad goals:

It’s perfect when you have that one friend or partner that you’re in perfect sync with. Only then can you have the costume that gets you more gongs than the break dancing robot that caught on fire. (Side note: Flim Cricket JRC had to show Diana Youtube videos of the Gong Show because she had no idea what it was).

DAY 31! This is it Simpsons fans!
If you haven’t figured out your costume by now, well, reading our blog isn’t going to help at this point…

That’s it, I’m out of here.

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