Flimtoberfest! (week 2)

Days 1-7 here!

Day 8:
We’re dreading the upcoming Presidential debate. Talk about a real-life halloween nightmare. How can you celebrate your love for The Simpsons, AND let the world know you’re terrified for the future? Hmmm…

hashtag broth

I Love Lisa
(Season 4, 1993)


Yes, he is a butt, a total butt

I Love Lisa
(Season 4, 1993)

There ya go, both ends of today’s political discourse, represented through historically accurate costuming! (shiver)

Day 9:
As much as I love these lazy Sundays, we’re still going to post our daily gif.
…going where?


Treehouse of Horror IX
(Season 10, 1998)


Day 10!
If you’re going to wear a costume to work, it’s a good idea to check the company dress policy, to make sure you’re not breaking guidelines. You don’t want to be the person who shows up to the Power Plant costume contest dressed like Howard Taft–that isn’t going to win you any points with the owner.


Bart the Fink
(Season 7, 1996)

On the other hand, this is also a great conceptual idea too. What are you going as this year? Massive debt! The Housing bubble! The house suit is inspired by some real life costumes from 1931…

rent control.

Beaux-Arts Ball, 1931

When you get invited to the Beaux-Arts Ball, you go all out! Above are the top architects of their day: Stewart Walker as the Fuller Building, Leonard Schultze as the Waldorf-Astoria, Ely Kahn as his Squibb Building, William Van Alen in the center as the Chrysler Building, Ralph Walker as the Wall Street Building and Joseph Freedlander as the Museum of the City of New York. More here, from the excellent Today’s Document tumblr.

Design skills can be applied to more than just hoity-toity skyscrapers you know. If you’ve got a creative streak, maybe you’re a weaver, photographer, musician, ballet dancer, match-book collector, or something else, find ways to reapply those skills and use them when creating your costume to give it that personal and unique touch!

Day 11:

Let’s hear it for crossplay! I admire that Grandpa doesn’t let his biological sex hold him back from dressing how he wants. Or maybe he’s just comfortable with the hormonal issue that causes him to turn into a woman when he doesn’t have his medication. Either way, he makes a great Queen of the Old West.


The Front
(Season 4, 1993)

No matter the reason, it’s safe to say Abe is fine letting his outer self match his inner self with the mood strikes…


Whacking Day
(Season 4, 1993)


Day 12!
Here kitty kitty…

meow, meow

Das Bus
(Season 9, 1998)

I remember being a kid and really wanting the KISS costume. I think I got a Peter Criss one at some point…

The Catman

The Catman!

I definitely had some of the KISS comics though. I appreciated KISS purely as an aesthetic, and couldn’t identify any Kiss songs until well into their watered down, makeupless MTV phase.
There are two great Halloween-related thing about Kiss:
1. First, parents and kids treated them like real life monsters, an updated take on Dracula. It is funny now, but in the 1970s moms and dads were terrified of Kiss, certain that the Knights In Satan’s Service were going to indoctrinate their children into devil worship and ritual sacrifice.
2. Second, as long as long as you could get some cheap makeup, and just had a pair of black jeans, and a Kiss t-shirt (I think every household was required to have a KISS shirt hidden in someone’s closet by 1977), your Halloween costume was pretty much done. While I wore the store bought plastic jumper and facemask style, there are plenty of easy ways to make a cool Devil-Rocker getup. Plenty of obsessively complicated ways too–feel free to google “KISS fan costumes” and see some truly dedicated homemade versions of the band’s classic getup.

The good news is, if you’ve only got a couple bucks, not only can you manage a halfway decent KISS costume, add a torn blue t-shirt you can totally throw together a solid Ralph Wiggum Island Kitty costume! Got a red-orange top and blue shorts? Congratulations!, you’re Bart this year (make your own slingshot for extra detail). Even a white sheet and scissors still offer a good enough default outfit for door-to-door begging. Don’t let dusty pockets keep you from enjoying tricks-n-treats this year!

Day 13:
The decapitated person is a classic horror costume…

People said it was too big to stay on zee tracks...

Marge Gets a Job
(Season 4, 1992)

The kind of scare the whole family can enjoy…


Treehouse of Horror III
(Season 4, 1992)

…apparently. It’s good clean fun–or if you go all out like Ned, good bloody/messy fun. Sometime Ned’ll surprise you with his willingness to participate in a taboo stunt, and when he does, he definitely goes all-in!

Day 14:


Burn Heir
(Season 5, 1994)

Today’s theme: old people dressed like young people! Me and my fourth-form chums think it’s quite corking. Halloween is traditionally a time when the young can make believe by dressing up as their adult daydream, but why should youth be wasted on the young? If you’re a fogey, this year take a chance to play young and hip by dressing as your favorite youthful miscriant–you won’t even have to use the blood of a young boy to do it!

Check back tomorrow for another great GIF!
Stay classy, Simpsons fans!

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