Welcome to Flimtoberfest! (week 1)

Here at Flim Springfield, we have decided to celebrate the month of October by posting an animated GIF of the show’s best costumes, Halloween or otherwise, every day!

Let’s start out with Lisa’s totem pole costume from season 3’s Treehouse of Horror II. She didn’t select it for mobility, and the jury is out on whether she is respectfully admiring indigenous cultures, or committing insensitive cultural appropriation. Bart sure doesn’t approve.


Next, for day two is…

Superintendent Chalmers and Skinner look spot-on as turn-of-the-century sports fans, but while they aren’t portraying Abbott and Costello by name, if you’re going to try and perform one of the best comedy routines of all time, remember: even if your costume is great you’ve got to know the material too:

Day 3…

Homer is doing his bombastic best to help out his friend Apu, but boy is he taking a step in the wrong direction. Religious garb and beliefs aren’t mere costumes. Unlike Lisa, he hasn’t thought about the offense he’s bringing to Ganesha with his bumbling and stumbling. At the very least make sure your outfit has decent eyeholes.

It’s time for day 4!


Burns’ Heir
(Season 5)

Time for some very convincing rubber masks that a person can peel off to reveal their undisturbed face and hair, G.I.-Joe style!

Master of Disguise


Day 5:

This costume, in this scene, is probably the most David Lynch-like horror The Simpsons have reached: the effortless terror of duty-bound muffler mascot hovering over you as your world falls apart.

Day 6:

Let’s spice things up with a  sexy fantasy roleplaying costume, courtesy of Springfield’s wife-swapping, tax-cheating, illiterate, six-term mayor, Diamond Joe Quimby. I hope they fix the plumbing issue in the Caveman Room so you can romp with a woman who is not your wife, but you are sleeping with her.

Day 7:
Ooops, almost forgot to post a costume today! Hm, let’s see if there’s anything thematically appropriate…

I'm a Monster ... I'm Idaho

$pringfield (Or,
How I Learned To Stop Worrying
And Love Legalized Gambling)
(Season 5, 1993)

We’ve seen this costume in person, winner of the first–and so far only–FLIM Springfield Halloween Costume Contest we’ve hosted. They won! Lesson is, go big or go back to Russia! What say you Phoenix, should we do another?

Check back tomorrow for another great GIF! Stay classy, Simpsons fans!

Continued here, in week 2!

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