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T is for our Tooth-Filled Mouth! (One of the best trivia shows in Phoenix!)

The 8 Best Trivia Nights in Metro Phoenix Check us out! We feel like we just robbed the Kwik-E-Mart! See you on June 27 at 8 PM at Bragg’s Diner! Our special guest will be Jonathan Simon who covers geek … Continue reading

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Reading Digest: Fucking CNN Edition

Originally posted on Dead Homer Society:
“Forget the hair, just give me the blush!  Oh, we’re on.” – Kent Brockman Fucking CNN.  This one is bad even by their impressive standards of idiocy and misinformation.  Thanks to their sloppiness, the…

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First Anniversary, June 27! & The Simpsons Coping with Loss: Coleman, Lee, Rhodes

This week the performing world was struck with three deaths in just as many days. Like you, the Simpson family is mourning these losses in their own way . . . Bart is dealing with the passing of Christopher Lee By … Continue reading

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Phx Comicon wrap up: 4 days of shopping, Simpsons, & Trivia

2015 was FLIM Springfield’s first year presenting at Phoenix Comicon.  I’ve attended it regularly for the past four years as a fan, but this year I really needed the break. My day job has been a lot like this every day for the past … Continue reading

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National Donut Day 2015

Yes, we know… But don’t get greedy You could have a nightmare As usual, we recommend out good friends at I pulled all these images and gifs really quick from the internet. If one of these are yours, please let me … Continue reading

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