Phx Comicon wrap up: 4 days of shopping, Simpsons, & Trivia

2015 was FLIM Springfield’s first year presenting at Phoenix Comicon.  I’ve attended it regularly for the past four years as a fan, but this year I really needed the break.

My day job has been a lot like this every day for the past 9 month

And here's your raise!

Glad you’re part of the team, you’re doing a great job!

Held in downtown PHX, I got to leave my car at home
and take the light rail!

making me kinda dizzy.

It glides as softly as a cloud

Even the first day, on the ride over, some folks were already in cosplay


I think he’s supposed to be Sam Elliott’s
“Conagher” character maybe?

A rush to pick up my tickets!

Nuts to this!

No line for the passes when you arrive early!

And headed off the Geeks Getting Involved panel
hosted by some friends in the local creative community

Why would a man whose shirt says ...

Faces have been hidden to obscure the awesome!

Where I promoted our Sunday Classic Simpsons Trivia Panel and Flim Springfield,
and then hit the floor to scope out some back issue bargains!

action comix


I kept my eyes open for Simpsons costumes, but struck out 3 days in a row!
Sure everybody loves Bob’s Burgers and Homestuck, but…

D'oh! Not again!

[Bart cosplay]
[Marge cosplay]
[Homer cosplay]
nope, nope, nope

So I spent most of the weekend trying to finish off my back issue kill list
and find this comic in particular

This fight ain't over yet--not by a long shot!

One of the silliest, but most loved comics of its era.

To no avail.
A seriously baffling absence, unavailable at any price.
It isn’t a unique or rare comic by any means,
But one fans of The Thing have really latched on to.
I got a little fixated on it after a while…

Me?  Get a job?  Were they serious?

Probably for the best
that I didn’t find a copy.

 Still, I found plenty to spend my hard earned quarters on

A hundred bucks for a comic book?  Who drew it, Michael Milangelo?

7 inch tall stack of heaven.

Without a cent left over for moon pies.
Especially after lunch the first day…


$17 bucks! this better be the best burrito bowl I ever tasted!
… I did not get lucky.

Should have held out for the food trucks

one in every line

And I got this scar trying to sneak onto the Rocky Horror Picture show panel.


Rocky Horror was the big draw for 2015.
Sadly, there were no Simpsons creators at the show.

So I met some celebs

jiminy gee jillikers

The Mick-ster

 got some autographs

*shakes head no*

Kind of like Jim Steranko

And sat through some Q & A panels

I withdraw the question

Me every time.

And checked in with friends and FLIM Springfield supporters

duu doot! duu doot! dut dut dut dut...etcetera

Geekly Phoenix promoting their Summer Movie Series


Amazing Arizona Comics!
home of Speed Cameron!

radiation dude!

All About Books & Comics
kept is small this year
as they get ready for the big move!

And soon it was Sunday morning,
time for Classic Simpsons Trivia!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there was still time for post-game gawking

LEGO Simpsons

The crossover of the ages! Bartman, Spongebob, LEGO!

put down those Matel toys

MARS bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour

She brought her own gun.

Yo! NO!

don't. just. don't. losers.

Seriously: RESPECT.

to drive around his sexy ladies!

Roy got some new wheels when he moved out.

But, eventually


That looks like fun…

It was time to go home and rest.

Bartman, Broken!

This is what nerd ecstasy looks like

The world was safe again … but for how long?!

One more time, here’s links to the folks who supported our panel:
Bragg’s Factory Diner
Amazing Arizona Comics & Karaoke Fanboy Press
All About Books & Comics
Geekly Phoenix
and Phoenix Comicon thank you for having us!

I pulled all these gifs really quick from the internet.
If one of these is yours, please let me know and we’ll add credits at the bottom!
No disrespect meant to our community’s awesome gif makers.

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I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to I also co-curate
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