National Donut Day 2015

Yes, we know…


Have all you can eat
after all this only comes once a year!


Eat like no one is watching!


I know, it IS like a dream come true!


for today, there is no ^^.


So stuff your face!

They Have DONUTS!?

There’s a taste for every pallet.
All the colors of the rainbow!


Double glaze *drool*


Even Sprinkles!

But don’t get greedy

mmmmmm *d'oh!

A Jolly Rancher

You could have a nightmare


Get your hands off me you…

mmm cough, bleck hurgh

Or worse!

mmmmmmm (Oh, it's raining again)

besides, they’ll make more.

As usual, we recommend out good friends at


Come for dessert, stay for trivia!

uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh dooonuuuuts

I mean LOOK at these!

I pulled all these images and gifs really quick from the internet. If one of these are yours, please let me know and we’ll add credits at the bottom! No disrespect meant to our community’s awesome gif makers.

About OneWordLong

I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to I also co-curate
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