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April in review, our “Taxing” Trivia with NPR, and creative coloring

April is almost over, and for those of us in the US, tax day has passed. To celebrate our grudging participation in that annual civic duty FLIM Springfield hosted another night of Simpsons Trivia at Bragg’s Factory Diner. Here’s some sample … Continue reading

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Phoenix Simpsons Trivia Night, Sat.April.18th: special “taxing” edition!

Hosted by JRC & Diana, by the grand folks at Bragg’s Factory Diner on Grand Ave! Come for the trivia, stay for the food!

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Simpsons Joke Origins: Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan

We recently watched the episode (Homer Loves Flanders, Season 5 Episode 16) where Homer has the “Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan” tape. JRC, who is old enough to remember the 80s, recalled that it was based on a real thing. Curious, I located … Continue reading

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