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June Trivia Recap & A Visit to LA’s Stonecutters!

June has been a long hot month here in Arizona, and we just managed to eke out one more Trivia contest before Mr. Sun arrived in Phoenix to do its job on us. Unfortunately . . . at the last … Continue reading

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Soul Mates:February Trivia Recap

Hello everyone! Usually JRC writes these, but he was unfortunately ill with the Osaka Flu for February’s trivia, so I, Diana hosted and will recap. I shouldn’t have bought him that Juice Loosener! We had a full house on the … Continue reading

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Ringers: January 2017 Trivia

We didn’t do a trivia show in December. As usual, there was just so much to do at the end of the year … and to be honest, we were all more than a little emotionally drained from the results … Continue reading

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We Got Scooped on a Recasting: Presidential Edition

Over on twitter, Marc Debiak recently posted his take on the forthcoming Presidential Administration of Donald Trump. I recognize almost all the characters picked, there’s one or two that come from post season 10 episodes, but he did a great job … Continue reading

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Phoenix Tonight: I like it better when they’re making fun of people who aren’t me.

Flim Springfield film crickets Diana & JRC blog were invited back to Phoenix Tonight last month! The live talk show hosted by [previous Trivia special guest] Russ Kazmierczak! We were test subjects on his show’s first episode, and returned in October, to celebrate … Continue reading

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Happy Sea Captain Appreciation Day, I mean Talk Like A Pirate Day!

It’s September 19th, the official National/International Talk Like A Pirate Day of 2016! The nonsense holiday adopted/invented by The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to fight global warming. I usually forget this celebration until the day’s half over–but not this time! … Continue reading

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“Stole, made up, what’s the difference?” Bojack Horseman and The Simpsons

Kidding! The minds behind Flim Springfield have been enjoying the hell out of Netflix original cartoon Bojack Horseman. Its unique blend of heart-wrenching drama and adult humor plus its unflinching look at life with depression have made it a favorite in … Continue reading

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FRINKIAC has GIFs now!

OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod… We’ve broken the final frontier… But remember just: because you can gif something Doesn’t mean you should… And don’t abuse a good thing…

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“A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man”: Problematic Public History in The Simpsons

Originally posted on Historically Speaking:
H.L. Gassmann No one is safe from The Simpsons. Not even public historians. In the episode “Lisa the Iconoclast” (originally aired February 18, 1996), consensus history, a new primary source, and an amateur public historian…

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Valentine’s 2016: Most Romantic Moments (Master Repost)

In the first year of FLIMSpringfield we did a series of posts counting down what we felt were the most romantic moments in The Simpsons’ 10 year history. Since it is hard to argue with perfection (feel free to disagree in … Continue reading

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