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Memorabilia Auction: Sam Simon Charitable Giving Foundation

Sam Simon passed away a few months back, with a lot of remembrances and kind words for the man who did so much to make America laugh for over 25 years. Well, he’s got a legacy that keeps on giving it … Continue reading

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August Trivia in Review! Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy *punch*

Even though it’s August and we have to suffer the heated wrath of a five-fingered god, Bragg’s is still kind enough to open up for our evening Simpsons Trivia Adventure! We had a great show, with another packed house–even a team … Continue reading

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Okilly Dokilly: Metal with a Ned-edge

Some friends in our Phoenix music community just started a Simpsons themed band, Okilly Dokilly. I think you can tell by their promo picture what they’re aiming for… Despite all the best bands affiliation with Satan, it seems they were inspired … Continue reading

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Joke Origins: I wish I could retire / The State Hospital

In “Marge Gets A Job” (Season 4 episode 7)  one of the first jokes involves Homer daydreaming about retirement. This image struck me, because of a vague connection to something from my Art School days that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Recently I … Continue reading

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Goodfella sues Simpson (“Where’s the money? When are you going to get the money?”)

We learned this week that the long-shot lawsuit by Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero against The Simpsons has been thrown out of court.  It seems Mr. Sivero took considerable affront to the alleged appropriation of his likeness, and sued 20th Century Fox for … Continue reading

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