October Trivia Recap / November Date Announcement

October is almost gone, and it’s time to plan for cider mills, Fall Foilage, Thanksgiving, and let’s not forget November 19th’s Simpsons Trivia at The Coronado! But before we turn the calendar, let’s look back at how wonderful October 8th was on the patio…

Diana was worn out from a long week of stealing pens from the power plant, so it was up to the Stonecutters–JRC, Miguel, and Alex–to host the games! We managed to get through the contest relatively error free!

Here are some pictures…

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For our halftime solo competition, we had a coloring/craft project, whoever could customize their basic Simpsons mask the best got their choice of a Simpsons Halloween figurine! There were two categories: Traditional and Most Creative.

Winners for the night*:

First place with 94 points out of 100
The Mayor Quimby for Mayor Mayoral Committee

Second place had 68.5 points
Who We Gunna Beat? The Wildcats

and Team Discovery Channel
came in Third with a score of 64.5

In a rare case of double win, Who We Gunna Beat? The Wildcats
were also awarded Best Team Name of the night!

Here are some sample questions from the quiz to test yourself:
(highlight between the parentheses to reveal the answers)

  • This talk show host lifts a 1987 Buick Skylark over his head on the Krusty Comeback Special. (Johnny Carson)
  • Who teaches the “Funk Dancing for Self Defense” adult education course?
  • In “Easy-Bake Coven,” which character is wearing a scarlet “A”?
    (Mrs. Krabapple)
  • Which two presidents were denied entry to Mr. Burns’ birthday party?
    (Bush Sr. and Carter)
  • Principal Skinner regrets letting the children choose the name of the school auditorium. What name did they choose? (Butthead Memorial Auditorium)
  • Which famous horror movie/thriller is this scene an homage to…


Thanks to all the folks who came, and The Coronado for hosting the show every month! With Fall in the air, I hear they’re adding new items to the menu! The November show will be . . .

If it's clear and yella, you've got juice there fella!

If it’s tangy and brown,
you’re in cider town!

Saturday November 19th, from 8-10pm! 
Here’s a link to the event’s Facebook page.
The show is free! The drinks are wet! And the food is AH-MAZING.
So grab your friends and meet us on the patio!


*Unfortunately, I lost the October show answer sheets, so I’m basing my winners information on hastily scrawled notes and a foggy memory. If I’ve miscredited your team, just let me know in the comments. Thanks! ~JRC


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I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to onewordlong.com I also co-curate FLIMSpringfield.net
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