Ned Flanders-themed Metal Band to Make Life Worthwhile

Our old pals Okilly Dokilly have an album, “Howdilly Doodilly,” coming out on November 11, 2016! In anticipation of that, they have just released their first video, “White Wine Spritzer!” Give ‘er a listen.

You might also be interested to learn that in March they are going on tour with Mac Sabbath, a McDonalds-themed metal band, and Metalachi, a mariachi metal band. This whole tour sounds right up my alley, as I love gimmick bands of any kind.

We actually had the privilege of meeting Head Ned, founder of Okilly Dokilly, when we presented a Simpsons trivia event at Phoenix Comicon in 2015. This was before he had the idea to start Okilly Dokilly, but he showed up to our event dressed like Ned.


We knew the dog before he came to class, etc.

Check out the tour schedule, and if they’re coming to your town, don’t miss it! If you’re lucky, this could be you:


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