Simpsons Joke Origins: Linda Ronstadt’s Plow King Jingle

In one of my favorite episodes, Season 4’s Mr. Plow, Barney teams up with Linda Ronstadt to record a jingle advertising his snowplow business, Plow King (and slamming his best friend Homer’s rival business, Mr. Plow). Those seat-moisteners at FOX won’t let the video be online, but here’s a fan vid with the audio:

I know that Barney and Ronstadt had been looking for a project to do together for awhile, but did you know that this wasn’t her first ad jingle? She actually recorded a jingle for the Remington electric razor in 1967, produced by none other than (my favorite) Frank Zappa. It’s extremely unhinged, and Remington apparently did not like it and declined to use it in their ad campaign. Check it out:


I can’t find any other jingles that Ronstadt ever recorded, so this might be the only one until Plow King. Could the wild and crazy Remington jingle be the inspiration for having her team up with Barney? Matt Groening has often proclaimed his love for Frank Zappa so I imagine he’s aware of it. The Remington ad may have never made it to the air, but the Plow King jingle is a beautiful, memorable tune dear to the heart of any classic Simpsons fan.

Hat tip to the episode of 99% Invisible that made me aware of the Remington ad.

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