Simpsons Peaks: The Rock Bottom Interview

from SIMPSONS PEAKS by Joel Day

This is the third in Flim Springfield’s series covering the return of Twin Peaks, and its connections to The Simpsons, and Simpsons fandom.

awe crap.

Tonight on Rock Bottom

Tonight we’re speaking to Tricia Bogumill: Simpsons fan, Twin Peaks fan, and founder of Simpsons Peaks on Facebook, the biggest and best Simpsons + Twin Peaks mashup group on the internet. She’s one of the most enthusiastic people we know, about both shows. Tricia can nail a trivia question like a living, breathing wiki site. She can also look at the shows she loves critically, but not let that take away the fun of just being a fan.

that's not LATIN!

“I won’t tell you what I searched to get it”

Flim Springfield: “Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?” …Tell us who you are, and what your Simpsons Project is about?

Tricia Bogumill: Oh hi there! I’m Tricia Bogumill. You may remember me from such joint Simpsons efforts as Simpsons Peaks on Facebook (a mashup page of The Simpsons and Twin Peaks that weirdly works and amazingly has thousands of members) and totally owning your trivia nights*. I also love music, mostly old pop punk and newer folk punk and of course The Smiths. I like to play pool and enjoy shooting breeze, I also have cats who are cooler than yours.


by Tricia Bogumill

FS:  “It happened at the beginning of that turbulent decade known as the 80s” …When did you first watch The Simpsons? What early episode/joke do you remember?

TB: Ok so I was raised by some cool people. These cool people went and saw a film called War of The Roses, produced by James L Brooks in December of 1989:

It was released a week before the premier of a side animation project Brooks had procured for his show The Tracey Ullman show so a short cartoon about a family at Christmas was shown before the film. These cool people went on to watch that show every week. In December 1989 I would have been 3, it wasn’t until (according to wikipedia) 2 years later in January of 1992 that I remember seeing Radio Bart. I just remembered being so worried cause he was crying in his big sweater. And the convoy song. But the clearest joke I remember I will always count as a Simpsons joke even though it’s from the movie Broadcast News, but it’s words written by James L. Brooks, said by Albert Brooks (Hank Scorpio himself) *while very drunk* I can sing while I read. I am singing. And reading. Both.” Or his supreme court justice line “there’s only 9″.


By Diana Welsch

FS:  “Gee, I never realized TV was such a dangerous influence” …How has The Simpsons been an influence in your life or creativity?

TB: Aside from referencing the show all the time? These weird yellow people have been in my life for 28 years, so let’s just break it down.
-Lisa= If you aren’t offended, you aren’t paying attention. But accept that people are flawed.
-Bart= Be your biggest fan.
-Marge= Know what you deserve (she taught me that by the show not always showing her knowing that)
-Homer= Be tolerant and accepting.
-Patty and Selma= Bitter is better.
We didn’t live in an era where we gather around a campfire and Aesop told us fables about animals to disguise life lessons. We sat around a TV and watched The Simpsons.

Milhouse Goes to College

Mashup Band Merch

FS:  “$18 bucks for this? What a rip-off!” …Do you or have you ever owned any Simpsons tchotchkes? Shirts, trading cards, DVDs, action figures, ‘hand-drawn animation cels guaranteed to increase in value’, etc… what’s your favorite legit or bootleg stuff?

TB: I’m not animation cel level but yeah growing up we had Simpsons everything. I just got a Marge smudgeface dress last week, to hopefully stop me from kissing coworkers who I share bed Turkey with. But bootleg I live for are Simpsons + band logo mashups. There’s one of the Descendents Album “Everything Sucks” except it’s homer in the square glasses and the book says Everything Duffs.

Bloody Guts Palmer

by Tricia Bogumill

FS: “Here’s a phone, call somebody who cares” …Is there a Simpsons joke or line that works as shorthand or ‘code’ among your friends/family?

TB: I dated my last boyfriend because he sent me Homer’s love letter as a text. Zero context, just out of nowhere, I was like ok. Then Diana helped me reel him in by saying I hate yo-yos. True story, Flim Springfield readers. These people and the Simpsons will get you laid.

True story, Flim Springfield readers. These people and the Simpsons will get you laid.

But really there’s just so many with friends: “Duffman says a lot of things”, “he called me sir, without adding you’re causing a scene”, “best wishes. See you in the car”, too many.
Man I didn’t read that question right at all, don’t care. I guess the real answer is doesn’t everyone say “so I says to Mabel” when they want to steer away from an awkward convo?

localized entirely in your kitchen?!

By David Keonig

FS: “We should thank our lucky stars they’re still putting on a program of this caliber after so many years” … Do you have a favorite season or episode, what makes it especially memorable for you?

TB: I feel a strong connection with Lisa and that is because I feel like my dating history is condensed to “Lisa’s date with Density” and “I love Lisa” I’m perpetually in a cycle of either dudes playing joy to the world or me saying 6 simple words.

FS: “There were script problems from day one” …Do you ever watch Simpsons with commentary on, or read interviews/news about the show? What’s the neatest thing you’ve learned from the crew?

TB: How much they hated Tracey Ullman.

worse than leland palmer

Flavor Country
by Craig Evans

FS: “Cartoons have the power to make us laugh and to make us cry” … Hypothetical Situation: Society is ending! You have to preserve the culture by rocketing 5 episodes of The Simpsons into space, what would they be? How would you make your decisions? Do the episodes have anything in common?

TB: To preserve culture?! Is this some psychological assessment in disguise. Jeez. Well so

I guess you’re asking what defines culture, or at least what parts I want preserved. Ok so the five are:

Laura is The One

by Aaron Dunbar

Homer at the Bat
Homer vs. The 18th amendment
Bart Vs. Australia 
Treehouse of Horror 1
The Lemon of Troy

Know I originally had “The Way we Was” in the last slot, but I selflessly switched it because I’m invested in this post apocalyptic future, and I’m a realist who knows when her emotions have no place. Oh man see I just quoted three men and a comic and that’s a good one too. But yeah so let’s see, future society, culture: Baseball, billionaires, cheating, little guys, scenarios, prohibition, adults, alcohol, clever, diplomacy, family, physics, James Earle Jones reading The Raven over Homer and Bart living it is such a beautiful however many minutes, it’s just needed and maybe it becomes historical that the Simpsons not trusting K&K was why there was no other records of earth, and Lemon of Troy will help teach what every civil war ever has. I obviously am just on a mission of diplomacy.

FS: “Worst Episode Ever” …You get to be the guest star on the first episode of the next season! What’s your character, what’s the story?

TB: I don’t know what my character would be, but someone who is in some position to explain away the recent retconning of Kamp Krusty. I swear that made me more upset than SADGASM. Maybe I could be a lawyer trying to avoid a lawsuit but explaining that some product or something my company did caused a year long fugue state and I read a long list of symptoms that say “hallucinations: up to and including any ideas of new found memories of little people posing as campers who you thought were dead replacing the very real memory of your fun trip to Mexico”.

A funny, of Season 3

Clip Show by Nick Rogers

FS: “Well, that’s the end of me” …You’re going to write the last Simpsons episode. What happens, how does it end?

TB: It’s the intro right up to the couch gag then switches to live film with Matt coming into the drawing room and saying “What are you all still doing here? Show’s over” or maybe like Dan or Hank practicing their most popular voices in the mirror and get the call but we just see their reaction and they both end with “Thank You”. I need that drastic cut to the reality of The Simpsons being an idea in brilliant people’s heads, so that way I can know it’s never really over.

A sample of some of the best of Simpsons Peaks


The Film is the Talking
Quote by David Lynch, mashup by JRC

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