Simpsons Joke Origins: Superstar Celebrity Microphone


Do you have any of those microphones left?!
A couple.

The episode Radio Bart centers around Bart being given a toy microphone for his birthday, and the pranks he uses it for. These start innocently enough with him tricking Homer into believing an alien invasion is happening, or ordering the Flanders children around in God’s voice, but he gets in real trouble when he drops it down a well and pretends to be a trapped boy.

I created the universe!

What do you mean how did I get on the radio!?

But did you know that his Superstar Celebrity microphone was based on a real product called Mr. Microphone? And the ad Homer sees showing a man using it to obnoxiously catcall women from his car was straight from the real-life commercial? But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself.

These toys were readily available at through magazine ad mailorder and Radioshack stores for decades. Like those shopping options, Mr. Microphone is sadly hard to find today, but the fun lives on in spirit through karaoke.

destroy the radio industry


Hey good lookin', I'll be back for you later!

1970s glory days

Now, this piece of crap probably has a range of only several yards at best, so I doubt that Bart could realistically speak into the mic at home and have it audible from the radio in the well blocks away, but I’m more than willing to believe a wizard did it.

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