April Trivia Recap / Next Show Date!

April means two things in Arizona: Spring weather hanging on for a bow, and any excuse for a festival before the Sun fries us all. Oh, and trivia at The Coronado too of course!

April 29th was a fantastic night on the patio, we had a full house, with some incredibly knowledgeable teams, and Diana came up with an awesome mid-show solo competition…

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A Family Feud inspired survey/guess contest about some key Simpsons opinions: Funniest Episode*, Most Romantic Episode**, Most Attractive***, Best Musical Guest****, Best Homer Job (non-powerplant)*****.

Here’s the night’s team winners:

Fancy Walkers came in 1st place with 94 points!
Rank Amateurs Compared to Dr. Colossus did a pro job getting 92 points at 2nd place!
And, 3rd place went to Stop Stop He’s Already Dead with an 11 point gap for 81 total!

Here’s some sample questions to test yourself against (highlight in the parenthesis to see the answer):

  • In Bart on the Road, Martin falls asleep in the car and awakes to see what he believes is Canada’s vast fields of this. (Corn)
  • As shown in Mother Simpson, what rude inscription is on the tombstone Patty and Selma bought for Homer? (We Are Richer for Having Lost Him)
  • Whacking Day started as an excuse to use violence against what group of people?
    (The Irish)
  • In the episode “A Star is Burns,” what three people are shown taking a football to the groin? (Hans Moleman, Jay Sherman, George C. Scott)
come back!

Who is this?
(Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo)

We also introduced a new prize for the winner of each month’s Best Team Name contest. They now get to pick the theme for the next trivia show, in April The Electrified Fooling Machines have chosen Bi-Mon Sci-Fi-Con for the June trivia contest!

We’re taking May off to celebrate Phoenix Comicon, but we’ll be back at The Coronado on Saturday June 3rd for our next live trivia show!

June 2017 trivia

According to our exhaustive survey:
* You Only Move Twice
**The Way We Was
***Mindy Simmons
****Michael Jackson
*****Mr. Plow

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I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to onewordlong.com I also co-curate FLIMSpringfield.net
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