Coming Soon: Diane, 11:30 a.m., February Twenty-fourth…

That Gum You Like is Going to Come Back in Style…

Twin Peaks Poster Part9 (gif branded)

There’s been a lot of renewed interest in the early 1990s TV show Twin Peaks. I remember watching it in first run, friends and I spent hours puzzling over it mystery and obscure symbolism. I got to introduce my Film Cricket partner Diana to the show a couple years ago, and it is actually one of the big inspirations for this site.

Flim Springfield presents Cypress Creek, coming soon, hopefully before the sequel series premiers on Showtime!


from Entertainment Weekly,


Vintage Simpsons TP recasting

(We’re not the first to think of this by a longshot.)


Twin Peaks Poster Part9point5 (jumpscare)

(jumpscare edit)

Check back, hmmm, let’s say next week.

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