March Trivia Recap: Hooray for Everything!

March 2017 Trivia came just 3 short weeks after the February show because JRC wanted to go see his favorite local wrestling federation’s regular monthly event …

I don't really, I just like the theater

yes yes, we all know the joke

The weather on The Coronado patio was perfect, and the crowd had some new contestants, plus a couple folks we haven’t seen in awhile. It was a great show!

For the mid-competition solo contest we played pictionary.

Not a cool cat.


Luckily no one’s marriage came undone, and everyone who played got a special button!

Making Gudger Proud!

This cat knows what it is!

Here’s all the winning teams…

All I've done so far is enter my name!

Best Team Name:
The Thrillho Experience!

big okilly dokilly to our 3rd place team!

3rd Place w/ 56 points: Test Toasters!

hey you over there in the bushes

2nd Place w/ 70 points:
The Moe Syzslak Experience Featuring Homer

I love Grimby

1st Prize, w/ 87 points out of 100:
The Mayor Quimby for Mayor Committee

How about some questions from the quiz, to test yourself against?
(highlight between the parenthesis to see the answer)

When Mr. Burns is infatuated with Marge, he kidnaps this musician in an attempt to impress her. (Tom Jones)
When Bart has won the $10,000 (or an elephant) on KBBL’s contest, what is Marge’s exciting idea for spending the money? (Double-ply windows)
Nelson can think of at least two things wrong with the title of this arthouse movie. (Naked Lunch)
What is the name of this dog…

that's a tough one for ya!


Thanks to everyone who came out! We’ll be back on Saturday April 29 at 8pm with another round of Classic Simpsons trivia, great food, and fun! If you like what we’re doing, please invite your friends, and support The Coronado too, who’ve been great to us!


who do you love?


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