The Simpsons Index: Bart the General

Longtime Simpsons fans put a lot of energy into cataloguing a definitive ranking of best-to-worst episodes and finding the point at which the show drove off a cliff (ala Marge on the Lam, which itself is a great episode). Some superfans create blogs and podcasts dedicated to their study. Check our links page to see a roll call of some that’ve caught our attention.

The Simpsons Index is one such site, based in Australia. On each episode of The Simpsons Index podcast, host Elliot Jay O’Neill and his guests study three episodes: one from the current HD era, another from the Teens, as well as one from the agreed upon classic years. The resulting votes are worked onto a master list on their website.

A couple months back they put out the call to their followers for review suggestions on twitter (@SimpsonsIndex). As is the case whenever I get a chance to do so, I encourage people to take a close look at season one’s “Bart the General” which I’ve long contended is the Rosetta Stone for understanding how The Simpsons would meld their influences and deploy minor characters to become the well-oiled comedy and satire machine it was for so long. Well, The Index took up my challenge, and they gave it high marks…

(Review of Bart the General starts at about the 1:20:00 mark)

Not only did FLIM Springfield get a shoutout on the show, but The Index also mailed us a gift box of surprises, halfway around the globe, to say thanks!

the box! the box!

Our very own “What’s in the box” surprise!

Which was full of keen goodies…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Genuinely cool stuff (Simpsons figures are our own) touching on a whole bunch of other cool pop culture icons and fads.

The Simpsons Index podcast and website are great resources for people looking to explore The Simpsons in a deeper and different way. Each episode is of the show is over an hour, so if you’ve a long commute, or are working around the house alone, it is a great companion. If you haven’t really given the cartoon a try, or stopped watching ages ago and want to hear how it has evolved, you will get a lot of good feedback from Elliot and his contributing community of co-hosts.

In addition to all the above, The Simpsons Index crew were also nice enough to spend time filling out our fan questionnaire, and there’s a solid crew of contributors who provided a lot to read. After formatting and editing, we’ll be adding it later this week, as separate  blog post.


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