Soul Mates:February Trivia Recap

Hello everyone! Usually JRC writes these, but he was unfortunately ill with the Osaka Flu for February’s trivia, so I, Diana hosted and will recap. I shouldn’t have bought him that Juice Loosener!

We had a full house on the Coronado patio for the Soul Mates edition, and the weather wasn’t as blisteringly cold as January’s, so that was nice. I was joined by Alex as co-host, thankfully, because I don’t think I’m charismatic enough to carry the weight of hosting Simpsons Trivia by myself.


Alex is the king of all he surveys

Sample questions (Highlight to see the answers):

  • In “A Fish Called Selma,” Troy McClure is seen driving this very distinctive car. (DeLorean)
  • Apu says that, before he joined the Pin Pals, this other bowling team begged him to join. Also: what other members were on that team? (The Stereo Types. Luigi, Cletus, Willie, Sea Captain.)
  • From the episode “The Principal and the Pauper,” what artistic activity do Principal Skinner and his mom do every Friday night? (Silhouette night)
  • When Mulder and Scully knock on the Simpsons’ door to ask about Homer’s alien sighting, Marge thinks they are there for her and confesses to this accidental theft. (Taking a pen from the post office)
  • Who is this supposed to be?(Lisa)



Our first-place winners for the night, with 79 out of 100 points, were Dead White Male Bashing PC Thugs. They chose THE BOX and got some candy hearts, sadly without rude slogans painted on.20170225_213442

Coming in a close second were The Mayor Quimby For Mayor Mayoral Committee with 77 points. They chose the $25 Coronado gift card.20170225_213459

And our third place winners, choosing the $15 Coronado gift card and ribbon candy (BOYS LOVE RIBBON CANDY!) were Ow! My Freakin’ Ears! with 64 points.20170225_213509

The clear winner of the Best Team Name contest were Put Your Sperm in Our Hands.

We hope to see you next month on March 18, for the Hooray For Everything edition!


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