Ringers: January 2017 Trivia

We didn’t do a trivia show in December. As usual, there was just so much to do at the end of the year … and to be honest, we were all more than a little emotionally drained from the results of the Mary Bailey v Mr. Burns election.

Anyway, January was special, because it’s also trivia co-host, and FLIM Springfield co-founder Diana’s birthday! This year, more than anything else she wanted to be a contestant at our show, and it was my job to make it happen. So I did what any loving husband would do, I reached out to some violent mobsters … no actually, FLIM Springfield Classic Trivia at The Coronado is supported by a bunch of super cool and helpful people. I was able to call on our trio of excellent co-co-hosts, Alex, Miguel, and The Klute to craft questions in secret, and Alex and Miguel did all the MCing themselves.

Miguel did notice at one point everyone seemed a little more quiet than usual, but we think everyone was just hunkered down sweating over their brain busting trivia questions. By the time of the mid-show solo contest, everyone had loosened up.

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Sample questions (highlight between the parenthesis to see the answer):

  • The Hungry Hun is know for what food? (Sauerbraten)
  • When Krusty is busy delivering pizza to Mr. Burns estate, he puts a rerun on, which includes news about this 1980’s event? (Invasion of the Falkland Islands)
  • Gil attempts to unload this brand of computer to Springfield Elementary? Bonus, what does he try adding onto the sale? (Coleco / rust-proofing)
  • These are the aliens that FBI agents Mulder & Scully bring for Homer to identify in a lineup? (Chewbacca, Marvin Martain, Alf, Gort, and Kang or Kodos)
  • The Leader of the Movementarians promises to take his followers to this alien world? (Blisstonia)

First Place winners, with 83 points out of 100 were
Wrinkly Gibberish!

Second Place was The Well Wishers with 79 points!

Followed by Kodos 2020 with a total of 69.

Best Team Name went to
The Frinkahedrons
(we think, sorry, it was too chaotic to take good notes this time)

and Chunky Lovers got the Academic Alert
for their 16 point score.

It was really fun to be on the other side of the questions this month, and I think Diana and I learned from the experience too. We’ll be back very soon, on Saturday February 25th to apply that knowledge…


What’s the matter, ain’t you ever seen a naked chick
ridin’ a clam before?

for the
Soulmates Edition of Classic Simpsons Trivia
hosted by Flim Springfield at The Coronado!

About OneWordLong

I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to onewordlong.com I also co-curate FLIMSpringfield.net
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