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An accumulation of Simpsons fan art, graffiti, articles, and things that just don’t fit anywhere else…

driven mad after being denied those Breakfast Balls

“Falling Down” starring Frank Grimes
by Mark Chilcott

Mark Chilcott is a prolific illustrator based in Wales UK and posts his amazing pop culture-themed illustrations on Instagram here: instagram.com/markchilcottart. In addition to his Simpsons tribute to the 1993 film “Falling Down,” starring Frank Grimes in the Michael Douglas role, Mark has also done awesome art based on Batman the Animated Series, a collection of fictional law enforcement officers, and some really beautiful foxes. Check out his work, you won’t be disappointed.

FLIM Springfield will probably never get around to doing a complete recasting of Falling Down, and we’re glad Mark thought up this perfect fit for the title role.

Closer to home, Phoenix has been hit by a mysterious graffiti artist:


photo by Diana.


Homer inspired street mural by Lived 1904.
photo by Jose Gonzales.

And in more traditional art, this piece hanging at LUX Coffee

I'm an Art

by Randy Slack

Randy Slack is a standout of the Phoenix art community, with a long resume of exhibits to his credit, whose work is collected far and wide. I recently saw this piece for the first time, which I think is a few years old, at a hip coffee shop on Central Ave.

Starting the New Year off right, Sally Forth, by cartoonists Greg Howard, Francesco Marciuliano, and Jim Keefe, put Milhouse’s signature catch phrase into Sally’s husband Ted’s mouth.

new year, old jokes

Sally Forth
January 1st 2017

FLIM Springfield also weeps for a generation not fluent in Simpsons, Ted, we understand. There’s nothing cooler and more relevant in the newspapers today than 18 year old cartoon references (Really, I mean that, sorry if it sounded sarcastic).

Online, Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky has done amazing detective work tracking down the overlooked origin of the Simpson family’s pink car.

Recently dubbed with the name brand “Junkerolla” on the cartoon, Homer’s vehicle seems to be based on a Chinese knockoff of the 1986 Dodge 600. The article is well worth a read, illustrating how real world objects are streamlined for cartoons, and where references are employed. In 2014 Jason also did a list of every real car from The Simpsons, it is also wonderfully thorough. He also wrote to let us know his fav’ Simpsons’ vehicle is Patty and Selma’s VW Thing…

no really, that's its name.

the Thing, military surplus.

Finally–I’ve had this in my file for ages–fellow Simpson fan Steve Kochersperger, of the Woo-Hoo: Classic Simpsons Trivia CHICAGO Facebook group, spotted this…


And I couldn’t agree with his deduction more. The Vintage News has a great collection of pictures from the ship in its heyday…


(From Barnorama.com)

30 years is a long time to sit abandoned–if only they’d kept it going a little longer…

do you want fries with that?

Give me 700 Krusty Burgers!

If you spot some Simpsons in the wild, send us a picture, maybe we’ll include it in our next roundup. Thanks for reading, everyone!

Update, Monday January 16th…

He's also got a prescription plan for Frigid Falls, Mount Seldom, Lake Flaccid...

(read the “quote” under the photo credit)

Someone at The Daily Intelligencer is a fan. Spotted by Jose Gonzales.

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