Phoenix Tonight: I like it better when they’re making fun of people who aren’t me.

Flim Springfield film crickets Diana & JRC blog were invited back to Phoenix Tonight last month! The live talk show hosted by [previous Trivia special guest] Russ Kazmierczak! We were test subjects on his show’s first episode, and returned in October, to celebrate Halloween and, as all good fill-in guests should, kill time!

We quizzed Russ on talk show related Simpsons content. He was a good sport, and as you can see, did pretty well. Then we challenged the audience with a round of Treehouse of Horror-based trivia. Toys were given away, pogs were referenced, and often I leaned too far away from the mic to be heard clearly. It went great!

Maybe next time we’ll get Russ to do one of these…?


Russ Kazmierczak, the greatest entertainer that ever lived.
Well, except for this guy…

Phoenix Tonight airs on youtube here. If you’re in Arizona, we recommend coming out for a live show at Space 55, who you may remember also hosted the AZ premier of “Mr. Burns a Post-Electric Play“.

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