October Trivia Announced (plus: August Wrapup)!

We almost fooled ourselves into thinking September was going to be smooth and cool for Simpsons Trivia, but after August… WHEW! We needed another month off to recover. We’ll announce the October show night below, but first, here’s recap of the last Simpsons’ Trivia of Summer at The Coronado

It was warm; luckily, the bar staff invented an amazing drink to slake our thirst…

The Flaming Coronado!
Slow gin
peach schnapps,
fresh squeezed orange juice
& a bacardi 151 float
(LOVE is absolutely the secret ingredient)

Virgin Moe

I love this place, AND this drink!

Alex was back tri-hosting with us again. For the mid-show challenge, we invited contestants to design their own Simpsons-themed drink, and had the co-owner and top chef at Coronado, Liam, pick the winner. Next time you’re in, see if they’ll make you a…

does whisky count as beer?

Our Winner, Gina Kaye!


And here’s how it looks!
(Does not loosen phlegm)

Mmmm. A grand time was had by all…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here’s some of the questions to test yourself against:
(Highlight the area between the parenthesis to see the answer)

  • Marge doesn’t think that beauty pageant contestant Amber Dempsey is as attractive as this celebrity. (Jack Nicklaus)
  • Name the skywriter Apu hires to write a romantic message to Manjula in I’m with Cupid. (Fantastic Dan)
  • Moe thought they took this beer off the market when all those hillbillies went blind. (Fudd)
  • According to Lenny, what is like a lottery that rewards stupidity? (Worker’s compensation)
  • What TV show is this scene an homage to…
    I wonder what those years were?

    (The Wonder Years)



Our August winners were:

40 Rods to the Hogshead: 96 points out of a possible 117!

Santos L. Halper with 70 points for 2nd!

And coming in 3rd place,

I’m A Stupid Moron With An Ugly Face and a Big Butt and My Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt with 67 points.

Best Team Name went to
Shot Kickers!

We couldn’t do this without you, and if you like what we’re doing spread the word too, we really appreciate it! Thanks again everybody for coming out! Get your teams ready, and let them know we’ll be back again on October 8th for the first show of Fall! Maybe we’ll see if The Coronado can get some Cider for the bar? Here’s the Facebook page for the show. And here’s the flyer:


In case all that smiling didn’t cheer you up



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