July Trivia Recap, and See You Saturday… (August 27)

I’ve Been enjoying a month of month of lazy Saturdays, and almost never got around to posting a recap for July’s Simpsons Trivia at The Coronado. We celebrated the start of our 3rd year with a house full of friends, and breaking in a new co-host to our rotation!


Say hello to Miguel!

Umm, no, this guy…

Generous with his stuff

THIS Miguel!

Miguel’s been a friend for ages, and often joins in on Simpsons binge watching marathons. Who knows what adventures we’ll have between now and when Simpsons Trivia in Phoenix becomes unprofitable?!

We also premiered a new category to open the contest, “New Kids on the Blech”. We used to start with a “Leg Up” round, easy question to warm up with. Well after 3 years we’ve run sort of low on obvious guesses like “Who is the Principal of Bart and Lisa’s school?” This time we developed a 5 question round, with an accompanying word bank of 5 characters/places/things to chose the answers from. Unfortunately, this first go-round wasn’t without hiccups, as we miss-identified one character. Luckily Diana spotted it right away and set things right.

For the mid-contest solo break, Diana did a few head-to-head rounds of  Identify the Scene the Song is From. A pair of challengers had to buzz in and pinpoint where tunes were used in the show. For instance “Monster Mash” from “I Love Lisa”,  “Convoy” sung through the Superstar Celebrity Microphone, and “Mandy” absentmindedly misquoted by Homer as he daydreams about Mindy–or a man named Andy. It was a hoot, and we’ll definitely do it again!

Name the Song

Buzzers a the Ready!

Having a new co-host allowed The Klute to rejoin the field of trivia contestants. There were a bunch of really good teams, competition was tough.

Out of a possible score 109, the winning team, Be Like the Boys had 101 impressive points!
Followed by That’s A Paddlin’, making their last regular appearance due to an upcoming move, with 87 points.
And Crazy Vaclav’s Place of Automobiles with 75.5 points!

Sexy Dames and Plenty of them…MAAAATLOCK
won best team name.

Here’s some sample questions form the show to test yourself against.
Highlight between (the brackets) to see the answer.

  • This character isn’t used to Springfield’s funny smell (Samantha Stanky)
  • What criminal did Mr. Burns let win at golf in 1974 (Richard Nixon)
  • When Selma says “It takes a ripe piece of cheese to catch the mouse.” Who is she about to go on a date with? (Barney)
  • What is the 8th Commandment? (Thou Shalt Not Steal)
  • In Bart On the Road, what is the Tennessee state motto on the sign they pass when entering the state? (Tennessin’ is Tennebelievin’!)
  • Who is this Wife Beating Drunk:
British hooligan

(Andy Capp)

And a good time was had by all! (Sorry there aren’t more pictures, I made some bad device storage decisions this week.)

We’ll be back on The Coronado patio THIS SATURDAY, August 27th starting at 8pm, for another night of fun questions, hard answers, great food, and terrible hints about the best show of the 1990s–possibly the best show of all time, after Sheriff Lobo.

Back to School

Back to School

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