“Does Marge Have Friends?” A Poem by Raphael Bob-Waksberg

As you know if you read this post, in addition to The Simpsons, we at Flim Springfield also love Bojack Horseman. So I’m very glad that today I stumbled over this small masterpiece by Bojack Horseman creator and showrunner, Raphael Bob-Waksberg. It’s an ode to one of the Simpsons’ most tragically underdeveloped characters, Marge. Sometimes we get a glimpse of Marge’s sad inner life, such as in Bart on the Road when, in a fit of loneliness, she pokes Maggie awake so that she can come to the rescue with some motherly comfort.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Raphael’s sad poem as much as we did. If you want some butter, it’s under my face.


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