Bastille Day 2016! I know where we can get some baguettes

We’re celebrating Bastille Day with Rick and his family this Summer. Congratulations on 227 years of revolution and freedom, France! While we here in AmericaTown claim our independence a full 10 days earlier, we like your hustle–never give up.

life of a frong

You’re living in a world of make-believe
with flowers and bells and leprechauns
and magic frogs with funny little hats.

It’d be easy to dedicate this whole post to Bart’s inspiring story of wine country survival from Season one Episode 11’s The Crepes of Wrath*, but we wanted to show the sunny side of the land of Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité. Here in no particular order, are the most prominent references to France and French culture we could find in The Simpsons first 10 seasons, enjoy!

well I want to take a chance!

Like most American media,
there’s a long history of The Simpsons poking fun at The French.

But it’s not all bad…

You taught us about cool things like nature, and why we shouldn't drink sea water.

Without you,
summer’s a bummer.

The French have a rich, deep culture, with many facets,
like a well cleaved cubic zirconia…

oh grow up.

the many faces of France.

The beautiful language…


so romantic

why must everything be so hard?

(I suppose it depends who’s speaking it.)

. . .

shuddering groan

yea, that’s better.

The Art!

The Art!

An impression of Impressionism.

The cuisine…



The drink!

. . . I think I'll have some wine.

♪ Here we sit enjoying the shade ♪
♪ Hey brother, pour the wine ♪
♪ Drink the drink that I have made ♪
♪ Hey brother, pour the wine ♪
♪ He’s here at last, my one and only ♪
♪ Good-bye, friends, and don’t be lonely ♪
♪ Hey brother, pour the wine ♪

We even owe them for influencing
the very foundations of our Democracy…

Let Them Eat Scratchy

Art imitates life, imitates art.

Yes, the French have given far more to the world
than just clumsy Clouseau-esque waiters…


For instance:
the tradition of humane capital punishment.

nuclear proliferation…

def comedy BLAM!

The original French Bikini!

And more peaceful cultural exports:
A love of spirit…

French Canadians1

This place has a weird smell.
(France doesn’t want ’em, Canada doesn’t want ’em…)

French Canadians2

oot and aboot
(ahem, Canada Day was July 1st you know)

French Canadians3

(did you notice that last girl in the line,
she’s trudging like it’s a march
through the desert with the Foreign Legion.)

and the body…

I'm not really sure he's even really French to be honest.

(speaking of bombs)

And what’ve we ever done for them in return?!



Well, they know good music when they hear it,
but otherwise…

there's profit to be had

The Happiest Place on Earth.

Oh, and…

can't all sign with an X.

Art appreciation?
(mon père ce qu’est un buffon)

Yea, I guess…

A drunken boast.

maybe we’re getting what we deserve?

intel inside.


So remember, even if you only ever meet one nice French person in your life, there’s is a country that has given us so much to savor, to indulge in, to laugh at, and hopefully through the teaching of a cartoon family, to laugh with.

Update: Thursday July 14th, 9:10PM MT time.

we are all together on this world.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
to all. Love and peace.

Please, let us know if we missed anything good, from seasons 1-10, in the comments!


*not to be confused with this swanky food blog


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