June Trivia Wrap-Up, and July Trivia Date Announcement!

June is the traditional beginning of Arizona’s long, hot Summer. Unless it begins in May. Unless it begins in April. What I’m trying to say is, right now it feels like that ozone hole that devastated Brazil is always wintering over Phoenix.

That didn’t stop us from giving the best performance of our lives! That’s right: The best performance of our lives! What? The/Best/Performance/Of/Our/Lives!

Really, we had a great time back home at The Coronado after holding court at the library in May. The patio was cool, and even with the PA not available, you could hear us and the irritated groan of our audience all across 7th Street. Our regular fill-in guest host, The Klute, took time away from promoting his new book of shark themed poetry Chumming the Waters to be our third rail, he really helped make with the laugh-laugh.

The Klute has also been live-tweeting Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week since it started. More importantly, his book isn’t just in the name of poetry, The Klute will be featured at Shark Con in Florida this year, as he is a staunch advocate of shark preservation!

On with the recap! The Best Team Name of June was Rootmarm, who also turned in this awesomely decorated answer sheet…

What?! The man was a fool.

You have real talent.
Do you really think so?
My high school art teacher hated them.

…Still, that didn’t earn them extra credit and they only came in 4th with 22 points out of a possible 107. Even I have to admit our questions were a little rough this month though–we had a little too much sarsaparilla while working on the quiz I guess.

First place this month were Lord Thistlewick Flanders with 84 points.
Team That’s A Paddlin’ were back this month with strong second place of 74 points.
And newcomers Jeremy’s Iron rounded out the top spots with a score of 42.

Here’s some pictures of the show…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The mid-game solo competition was one of our weirdest experiments yet: We piled up all the Simpsons toys we could (a motley assortment), and gave anyone who wanted the chance to set up a diorama based on an actual scene from the show. Then we timed how fast we judges could figure out what moment was being presented. The best contestant got us in under 7 seconds, wining a cyborg-Burns and Smithers in Bobo costume set! Sadly I didn’t remember what scene they challenged us with.

And now, lets test your Simpsons Q!
with some sample questions from our trivia contest show:
(Highlight between the parenthesis to see the answer)

  • What item does Homer declare his fourth child? (football, “Stitchface”)
    The crusty old dean of Springfield University used to play bass for this band. (The Pretenders)
  • What are the last names of the two biggest gossips in Springfield? (Aaronson and Zakowski)
  • While attacking Homer, George Bush threatens, “I’ll ruin you like a _____ (Japanese banquet)
  • What are the three examples of jolly fat men given by Kent Brockman in a newscast about obesity? (Dom Deluise, Alfred Hitchcock, and Santa Claus)
  • What is the name of the pup Smithers is holding?…
Don't you know how to paint the town red.

He’s kind of tiny, so…you know, it’s a joke.

(Hercules, his Yorkshire Terrier)

Thanks again to everyone who came out, new and old alike, and brought there friends along! We’ll be back at the end of July, on Saturday the 30th 8-10pm for another night of great food, cool drinks, and terrible hints!


Sunshine, on my shoulder…

he had it coming.

Makes me happy

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