FCBD Trivia Wrap up / June Trivia Date Announced!

FCBD 2016

Welcome back! FLIM Springfield has been busy with IRL stuff the past few weeks, we’re sorry for our low output lately. Let’s just say that very soon, I hope to be playing my boss’s head like a bongo, and burning some bridges. But until that time, let’s recap what we have done, and announce where we’re headed in June!

For the past 15 years, the first Saturday of May* has been Free Comic Book Day. On FCBD  small shops all over the country and world offer up special comics (purchased at a discount from the comic companies themselves) to draw in new customers, promote the season’s big crossover events, and celebrate the medium.


from Bongo Comics

For the past couple years, my favorite library in the world, The Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix AZ, has been getting in on the action too!

Weener & I met here!

So many reasons I love this place

The staff host a FCBD preview party with an evening of nerdy events and giveaways, and programs such as crafts, 3-D printing demos, and live action Star Wars theater. Mrs. FLIMSpringfield actually works at this library, and was asked by her boss to plan a Simpsons Trivia event for FCBD. The best part was she got to do it on the clock!

Jedis Save Sprint

Your stupid nerds!

Instead of doing our usual two hour program, we decided to do three speed rounds, so attendees could drop in, but still have time to try the other activities if they wanted to.

intro screen

The losers will be laughed
until my throat is raw.

We got to use a projection screen, which is always a cool treat.

we didn't say weirdo, we said nerd

I wasn’t a weirdo,
I was in the AV Club.

We had a good crowd, some folks who go to our monthly contest at The Coronado came, about half the participants switched each round, so there was a nice mix of players.

Be Like The Boy!

The Seniors in the back, “We Like Roy!”

Diana came up with most of the questions.

(get drunk)

Three rounds, because the fans are weary
of fights that are over before
they even have the chance to …
check their books out of the library

Test your knowledge: highlight between parenthesis to see the answers

#1  Dr. Nick tests his cleaning product on the gravestone of what famous author and “tortured soul?” Answer: (Edgar Allan Poe)

#2 When Mr. Burns asks Lenny to tell him why he shouldn’t be fired without using the letter “e,” what does he say?
Answer: (“I’m a good work guy.”)

#3 After Santa’s Little Helper eats Milhouse’s pet, Bart tries to convince him he never had this pet. What kind of animal was it?
Answer: (a goldfish)

Winners got to pick from a fabulous selection of prizes*!



Album Covers

Everyone who competed got something!
These special album cover homages
provided by Rolling Stone Magazine.

We even had special guests!

And they'll ALL be signing Autographs!

This was technically a STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)
event because of the appearance of this scientist.

One contestant knocked it out of the park,
and came out on top
two rounds in a row!

I failed. I'm a feeb-- a useless, old, worn-down.

Your powers are useless against me!
Relax, I’m just here to have fun like everybody else.

Round Three was tied though, and in a moment of true tension building showmanship we went into Sudden Death, head-to-head competition!
Diana and I had to pull obscure trivia directly from memory to determine the ultimate winner! Back and forth we went, asking for brain busting obscure details about The Simpsons first ten seasons.

Q: What name did Lisa say she plans to take, once she leaves home?
A: Lois Sanborn (highlight for answer).
And we have a winner!

Comes with a card to keep paramedics form stealing it.

Comes with a card to keep paramedics from stealing it.

It was grand evening of fun, costumes, and picking up after yourself. The next trivia event will be at the Coronado on Saturday, June 18! RSVP here.

JUNE BELLAMY. She does the voices of Itchy & Scratchy

I have absolutely nothing until June.
…Ah, the Simpsons!


*Not every FCBD has been in May, but that isn’t important.

About OneWordLong

I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to onewordlong.com I also co-curate FLIMSpringfield.net
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