SMMMarch Trivia Wrap-up! + May’s Library Show!

Hey Goober, where’s the update? Sorry folks, this recap was delayed because of a discarded couch on the tracks internet! But you can sit back now, we’re going to be here a while…

On March 26th FLIM Springfield was once again on the patio of The Coronado, ladling out steaming bowls of rich creamy trivia, in a tournament we called SMARCH MADNESS!

shouted down at the press club

Our bracket-less contest of
team Simpson trivia knowledge.

Before starting off, we had to reclaim the patio from some egghead booky-book nerds…

Lets get em!

(angry whining)

Just kidding, we were happy to share the patio with the great folks from Four Chambers Press who hosted a reading by Andrea Scarpino leading up to our 8pm start.
The night was both Artsy, and Fartsy!

It gave Diana & I time to hide some egg shaped surprises around the grounds of the restaurant, and everyone had a great time.

Alex was out on tour with the Larry Davis Experience (their usual Doobie Brother was sick), but we were luckily able to re-enlist one of our Simpsons Super Friends–who we will call The Klute because he enjoys Donald Southerland–to come back and co-host with us for the evening!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Competition was boisterous! The Otto-bots came in first, scoring 77.66 points out of a possible 100!

Sack of Doorknobs were wedged in tight for second place.

And Purple Monkey Dishwasher wound up very close with 74.766.

The best team name of the night was That’s A Paddlin’

For our mid-contest break, instead of the usual solo competition, we hid plastic Easter Eggs around The Coronado, inside and out, for players to hunt. This month’s trivia had a couple pretty hard categories, so we wanted to be as generous as we could with these bonus rewards. There were 18 eggs, each had a prize inside, plus three special ones (as shown above) got especially unique treats: A Homer car, a bootleg Korean Bart t-shirt, and a German language issue of The Simpsons Comic!

Here’s some questions from the show to test yourself on
(Highlight between the parenthesis to see the answer)

  • What is the name of Lisa’s regular teacher (Miss Hoover)
  • In Two Bad Neighbors, Apu is seen washing what classic sports car in his driveway? (A Pontiac Firebird)
  • What is the name of The Sea Captain’s seafood restaurant? (The Frying Dutchman)
  • Mr. Burns wanted to send something by an autogyro to Siam. What is Siam now called? (Thailand)
  • Yo­yo fever seizes Springfield Elementary school after this troupe visits the school. (The Twirl Kings)
  • What famous TV show is this scene an homage to:

    Wow ... I have no idea what's going on



And That all until Friday May 6th, when FLIM Springfield will be hosting a free night of special Simpsons Trivia challenges at The Burton Barr Central Library from 6-8pm for free, as part of their special Free Comic Book Day weekend free kickoff party!
Did we mention it’s free?


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