February Trivia Recap, and March Date!

February means one thing, and one thing only to us: Presidents Day! We salted The Classic Simpsons Trivia quiz with a slate of red, white, and blue questions about the Commander-in-Chief, and even dedicated our mid-trivia solo competition to one especially forgettable past President!

Alex was staying with friends a couple towns over, so this month it was just JRC and Diana MCing the contest. The weather on The Coronado‘s patio was perfect, full of eager competitors, and even the teams relegated to Shelbyville did well.

Test your Simpsons IQ
with these samples from the trivia contest:
(highlight between parenthesis to see the answers)

  • “You, sir, have the boorish manner of a Yalie!” Who are You?
    (Roger Meyers Jr.)
  • As Lisa tells Bart, “Pablo Neruda says that _______________ is the language of the soul.” (laughter)
  • This presidential robot raps to promote Duff at Duff Gardens.
    (Abe Lincoln)
  • Who astounds everyone with their electrifying portrayal of George Washington in the episode “I Love Lisa”? (Ralph Wiggum)
  • Who is this:

    This is better than dart day

    (Recruiter for the Springfield Communist Party.)

Highlights from the night…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a special shoutout to Team Mendoza who was the only team to correctly answer the question about Spalding Gray!

For our mid-trivia solo competition we invited competitors willing to test their knowledge about William Henry Harrison, famously name checked in the Forgettable/Regrettable song that opened the school’s Hooray for President’s Day pageant.

So mother was right, it was my fault.

Hopefully they recouped their losses
from Fire Drill Follies.

How many can you answer right?

  • 1. Harrison’s father served as the Governor to this state?
 (His Father was a Governor of Virginia! The family home was attacked and ransacked during the American Revolution.)
  • 2. Before going into politics, Harrison planned to go into this profession?  (He wanted to be a Doctor, but had to drop out of Medical School because he couldn’t afford it.)
  • 3. What was Harrison’s nickname? (Old Tippecanoe” He used it as a campaign slogan… ran for president with the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” due to his victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.)
  • 4. Harrison won the Election of 1840 with (BLANK %) of the Vote:
    Was it 35%, 51%, 65%, 80%, 95%, or Other %  (He easily won the election with 80% of the electoral vote. The election is seen as the first modern campaign complete with advertising and campaign slogans.)
  • 5. Harrison took office on March 4 1841. He was the (BLANK) President of the United States? (
Ninth! After Martin Van Buren, and followed by his VP, John Tyler.)
  • 6. Harrison is known for having the Shortest Presidency in history. However, he’s also know for setting another record for this on his Inauguration Day. . . (The longest inaugural address on record even though the weather was bitterly cold. He gave his speech outside without proper protection of clothes in the freezing rain, caught a cold which ultimately killed him.)
  • 7. Harrison and his wife Anna Tuthill Symmes had 9 children. One of their GRANDCHILDREN also became President. Which number president was Benjamin Scott? (23rd!)

The winner, one of the folks at the Shelbyville table, got to solo on the key line in our group sing-a-long…

you're next Chester A. Arthur!

Statesman, footnote, historical joke.

A good time was had by all. We’ll be back in March with more trivia! Our special Day Before Easter show on Saturday the 26th! Bring your team of friends, or come solo and make some new bosom chums!

Do Not Touch Willy

Nothing lousy about Smarch in Phoenix!

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