Valentine’s 2016: Most Romantic Moments (Master Repost)


Crude, Off-Color Sentiments

In the first year of FLIMSpringfield we did a series of posts counting down what we felt were the most romantic moments in The Simpsons’ 10 year history. Since it is hard to argue with perfection (feel free to disagree in the comments) I thought it’d be better to collect the valentines we made into one easy-to-read place, so here are all 10–plus bonuses. (You can go back through the blog and read our original notes and thoughts about why we chose what we did, and why each landed where it did on the list.)

What'll I tell the boss?

(original post for #10)

Barney guarding job

(original post for #9)

three simple words

(original post for #8)

something special

(original post for #7)

Circus of Values

(original post for #6)


(original post for #5)

count homer

(original post for #4)


(original post for #3)

Por vous.

(original post for #2)

runners up

Runners up

heaven in hushpuppies

(original post for #1)

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