January Trivia Recap / February Trivia Date Announced!

January Trivia at the Coronado, whew!

Give yourself a pat on the back if you made it to the show, because wow, what a great crowd, and what a night! Alex, Diana, and myself couldn’t have been more surprised and happy to see all of you–and so many new faces–on the patio! Thanks to everyone who formed teams on the fly, shared tables, and were just so nice to the Coronado staff and us while we worked to fit everyone in.

We had 20 teams and over 50 players, the biggest crowd we’ve ever hosted, and it was a cold night in Phoenix to boot!

Special thanks to The Klute who MC’d our Simpsons Haiku contest!
The winning poem was:

Crash Course Conducting
I call the big one Bitey
Springfield Mono-D’oh!

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The team competition had 7 categories, 35 questions (plus a handful of possible bonuses) and was worth 105 points total.

Winners for Best Team Name:
Christ Punchers!

Taking 1st, with a score of 87, were the Albuquerque Isotopes!

Those Damn Weener Kids came in 2nd place with 84 points.

Holding on for 3rd were Come Back Zinc! with 61 points.

…And The Glavens earned an Academic Alert because they tried their best and still failed miserably with 20 points…

consider yourself disqualified from all of the hottest and nosiest jobs

Everyone needs a blotch on their permanent record.

Here’s some sample questions from the quiz:
(highlight between the parentheses to learn the answer)

  • What is Bart’s graffiti tag? (El Barto)
  • Who is Homer’s replacement at the plant while he is in the Be Sharps? Bonus, what their name? (a chicken/Queenie)
  • When Marge becomes a cop, Homer uses her resources to discover that Moe’s real name is____. (Momar)
  • What song does Lisa sing when distracting the dinner party guests from the Van Houtens’ bickering? (You’re a Grand Old Flag)
  • The episode “The Cartridge Family”, begins with The Simpsons attending a soccer game between what two countries? (Mexico and Portugal)
  • What reason does Homer give for wanting to be a Bigger Brother? Bonus: What are the other options on the form? (Revenge / Spite, malice, boredom, profit)

We’ll be back in February to celebrate another round of Classic Simpsons Trivia, as well as Presidents Day, and Arizona’s Statehood!

A Tribute to Our Mediocre Presidents!

Mediocre Presidents! Fun Trivia! Great Food!

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I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to onewordlong.com I also co-curate FLIMSpringfield.net
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1 Response to January Trivia Recap / February Trivia Date Announced!

  1. Ah shoot, didn’t realize you needed the haiku that quickly. Poet time, and all that.

    30 Minutes Over Tokyo Haiku

    He’s Clobbersaurus
    New Emperor of Japan
    Simpson in Sumo


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