Happy Birthday Harry Shearer!

Today is the 72 birthday of creative force, and Simpsons cornerstone Harry Shearer!

please take the fries off my head

Hark Azaria celebrates with the rest of us!

Some of his many contributions to the show

Some of his many contributions to the show

(Image from ranthollywood.com)

There’s obviously lots of reasons to love his Simpsons work, but even just looking at his broader actor career, Shearer has contributed so much to modern media and comedy.  He got a small start in an uncredited roll in a later Abbot & Costello flick, and has been working steadily since.

If you’ve time today, why not investigate some of his other great work, and maybe send him some birthday wishes…

Harry’s website

His official twitter

Le Show, Harry’s weekly satirical radio program

Harry Shearer’s Wikipedia, where you can see many projects he’s helped bring to life.

What’s your favorite Harry Shearer Simpsons moment?
What’s your favorite non-Simpsons project that Harry’s done?
Post a comment and let us know.

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