Sept. Trivia in Review: Sunshine on My Shoulder/So Long Braggs

In Arizona, as in Springfield, September typically means two things: cooling weather and students back at the school grind. Except in Phoenix the heat hangs on longer, sometimes a lot longer and a lot hotter–its enough to make you want to punch a street musician.

(Big Nose--aka Just Stamp the Ticket--Guy

He had it coming

No matter though, the trivia must go on! And on it did, with a wonderful crowd, challenging questions, and a great dinner special too!

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Special thanks to Drew at Ash Ave Comics in Tempe, he went to SDCC this past year and brought us back those Apu masks. If you’re in town, we recommend checking out his shop, also online here:

Our “Back to School” edition included categories such as: Krusty’s Konfounding Kwestions!, Tearjerkingest Jerks Who Ever Jerked!, and the Try-N-Save Photo Department. Here’s a sample of some of the 35 questions we asked (highlight between the parenthesis to see the answer):

  • What is Marge’s maiden name? (Bouvier)
  • In Homer’s Phobia Homer says, “I like my beer _______, my TV _______, and my homosexuals __________!”
    (Cold, Loud, Flaming)
  • What is the name of Krusty’s long suffering secretary?
    (Ms. Pennycandy)
  • Principal Skinner stops by Lionel Hutz’ office to ask if this eatery is nearby. (Orange Julius)
  • What does SNUH stand for?
    (Springfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding, and Helping)

In addition to the big trivia contest, there were two big pieces of news

Dick Cavet Born

gif acquired here:

First: Flim Springfield announced they’d be taking October off so that your trivia hosts–well two of them, sorry Alex–could celebrate their wedding! Diana & JRC decided to commemorate six years of sex and food preparation by making their love official in a small family ceremony. There were some Simpsons touches–oh you better believe that–and we’ll do a separate post covering the whole shebang soon.

Second: Unfortunately this will be the last Simpsons Trivia at Braggs Diner. Emily and Liam got the opportunity to start a new place 22 blocks east of Route 401, and the duo have just opened The Coronado on Seventh Street at Monte Vista Rd in the swanky Squidport district. The good news is, they’ve invited Flim Springfield to come along with them, and the monthly Classic Simpsons Trivia Contest will resume bigger and better in November on the Coronado’s delightful and spacious patio!  Look for the next show’s date to be announced soon on Facebook!

Thanks for everyone who has been coming out to our events, and we look forward to seeing you at the new place. If you have a good time and like what we’re doing, please tell your friends and check back here for more classic Simpsons-related news, and our recast movies and tv shows soon!

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