Last night, September 5th, was OKILLY DOKILLY‘s first show, held at Phoenix’s The Trunk Space arts space. FLIM Springfield was invited to host a Simpsons-ized school carnival to help entertain the intrigued masses.

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The Phoenix New Times has a report too, with more pictures.
The real question though, was would the band do their namesake proud?

Judge for yourself, from what we saw
everyone had a splen-diddly-did time.

That's just wrong.

That’s just wrong amazing.

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2 Responses to OKILLY DOKILLY first show

  1. Justin the guy who co-played for the second time in my life at your 1st show... says:

    If your interested me know if your booked on Halloween? I can possibly set something for you that can equal a lot of merch sales for you all… Contact me your #1 Ned Head Justin


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