August Trivia in Review! Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy *punch*

Even though it’s August and we have to suffer the heated wrath of a five-fingered god, Bragg’s is still kind enough to open up for our evening Simpsons Trivia Adventure!

See you in the car.

You know, whatever.

We had a great show, with another packed house–even a team in Shelbyville–what we call the outside picnic seating.  Alex took the month off to go see The Spinaltaps play somewhere off route 401 in Spittle County, so it was up to me and Diana to run the room.  Since we switched up our usual 4th Saturday, and did the 1st this time, the crowd was a little different. Some folks who hadn’t made it out in a while were back, which was nice.
Maybe we’ll try to rotate the weekend each month?

Our special menu for the month…


Lets just say we were inspired!

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Because Alex was out of town, we knew we’d need some special backup. Luckily Bragg’s second youngest business partner, Iggy, is a great artist and a fan of The Simpsons. For the regular Solo Round part of our show, we enlisted him to do a series of drawings of some lesser seen Simpsons characters, and further confound players by making them as sketchy as could be.  How many can you guess?

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  1. Luigi
  2. Mr. Largo
  3. Carl
  4. Smithers
  5. Roger Myers Jr.
  6. Lenny
  7. Prof. Frink
  8. McBain

(Highlight to see the answers)
Iggy is a great artist, and if you ever get a chance to buy one of his self-published mini comics do it.

We’ll be back on September 12th for our Back to School edition!
(Facebook event page link)

The summer wind, came blowin' in....

See you in the car! ~Milhouse

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