Year Anniversary Recap! August is Next!

Well, it took us a while to recover from our monthly* Simpsons Trivia contest this past June. Can’t blame us really, it was our year anniversary! We did par-ty down pretty hard, eventually coming to covered in a sticky translucent goo.  … Okay, I think that’s just about enough references for one paragraph. Next show is Saturday August 1st, you can RSVP at the bottom of this post, but first, here’s the June recap:

The show was a blast! Bragg’s have been great hosts,

It's not Magaggie's birthday

They even made us a special cake to ruin!

A bunch of our regulars came back, and we had a full house thank’s to some really nice press recently from The Phoenix New Times, and our special guest Jonathan at Lightning Octopus.

Trivia questions included**:

  • Bart attempts shoplifting BONESTORM from this chain store: Try-n-Save.
  • Who was Springfield’s Reverend before Lovejoy? Jasper.
  • Mark Hamill shows up at Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con not to talk about Star Wars, but about what? Sprint.
  • Who was Mr. Burns disguised as on the Greenpeace boat? Wavy Gravy.
    • BONUS:What was he actually smoking? Harmless tobacco.
  • And, whose cleavage is this:
peanuts on the bottom


Here’s some pictures from the night:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We’re taking July off so that JRC can go to a wrestling show

stupid like a fox

Local Man also ruins everything.

But click here to RSVP for our August 1st return to kickoff another year of:
Hard Questions.
Great Food. And
Bad Hints.

See you in the car.

You know, whatever.

And thanks for looking!

JRC, Diana, and Alex


*More or less.
**Hightlight to reveal answers.

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I'm a storytelling artist and writer. I make collage, transmedia art projects, write essays and cultural analysis. In addition to I also co-curate
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