SDCC 2015: Comic-Con Wrap Up

The world is entering season 27 of The Simpsons, but of course we here at FLIM Springfield could really care less. For tax purposes we only follow up to season 10 (Also, if anybody asks Marge, you require 24-hour nursing care, Lisa’s a clergyman, Maggie is seven people and Bart was wounded in Vietnam), but every year at San Diego Comic-Con Matt Groening, along with various Simpsons producers, writers, and cast members get together to preview the newest batch of episodes, and do a fan Q & A.

This year we sent some film crickets from The Springfield Shopper to see if we could learn any behind the scenes info about older episodes, or possibly any news the classic fans might be interested in. The first thing we discovered was that, no in fact, the panel included little news that fans of the first ten seasons would care much about.

Regardless, you can watch The Simpson panel video, part one here and part two here. Following that we’ve some pictures from on the con’ floor by our SDCC attending fans and a couple we pulled off various news websites.

Here’s a recap of the most interesting stuff we did hear about:

  • No third “Unky Herb” episode planned.
  • The fans want Hank Scoripo to come back, and the show loves Albert Brooks, so…?
  • For Nancy, Bart speaking French was hard.
  • FX spent $750 million to buy syndication rights to create Simpsons World streaming!
  • Fans can watch the old episodes in their original format now, or HD.
  • Bart is going to get killed by Sideshow Bob on the Halloween show this year.
  • Guillermo del Toro is directing this years Treehouse of Horror–legitimately cool.
  • More Duffman episodes.
  • Marge’s birthday has apparently been declared March 19th, do to a fan asking.
  • A little girl asked Matt to confirm his initials are in the design of Homer’s head, and got a sketch out of the deal!

These snapshots are mixed with some images we found around the internet (credited where possible).

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