Simpsons Trivia at Braggs, May 23rd Roundup

Our Trivia Crew had a great show last night at Bragg’s Diner. A packed house of teams competed against each other, great food was consumed, and laughs were shared by all! We made some new friends thanks to our appearance on KJZZ 91.5, and joining the Geekly Phoenix Facebook group!

We had some of our highest scores ever, their was close competition in the top spots. Our wining team consisted of 3 guys who’d never met before–one of whom didn’t even knowing about the contest before he came in! The individual Vocabulary Challenge, consisting of cromulent words culled the show, was a real brain buster, but even the trivia masters got taken down a couple pegs during the Stump the Host segment.

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Not pictured, our Best Team Name winners, DAMN HELL ASS KINGS!

Some of our questions were
(highlight within the parentheses to see answers):

  • In “The Summer of 4ft 2: what does Milhouse write in Lisa’s yearbook? (See you in the car! Best wishes, Milhouse)
  • What are Nachos Flanders-style? (Slices of cucumber with cottage cheese on them)
  • As revealed in “Sideshow Bob Roberts,” who is Bart’s other, non-Bob nemesis? (Dr. Demento)
  • How does Smithers distract Homer and two other less-gifted employees when the nuclear inspection team visits the plant? (Has them guarding a bee in the basement)

We’ll be back at Braggs in June, date TBD.
But don’t forget: we’re hosting Classic Simpsons Trivia at Phoenix Comicon on Sunday May 31st. If you’re coming to the convention, please join us at 10:30am in room room West 103!

4 days of peace, love, and comics!

15th Annual Phoenix Comicon!

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