Simpsons Trivia X2 in May! 23rd & 31st! (PHX Comicon & Braggs)

Diana, JRC, & Alex will be hosting two Classic Simpsons Team Trivia shows in May!
The first will be our regular monthly date at Bragg’s Factory Diner on Saturday the 23rd, from 8 to about 10 pm. It is a free show, but the diner is opening up special for us, so don’t be a dope, grab dinner or a dessert–believe us, you won’t be sorry!

na-na-na-na-na BARTMAN!

Artwork by Iggy

We have some new prizes again this month, and we’re cooking up a great set of brain teasers too! We’ll probably also do Stump the Host, and have mid-game solo contest to give everyone a chance to compete one-on-one against each other for your trivia hosts’ love.

Then just a week later, we’ll be holding court Sunday May 31st at the awesome Phoenix Comicon! We’ve landed a Sunday morning panel spot from 10:30-11:30 in Room West 103. This event is also designed as a Team contest, perfect if you’re coming to the con with friends and family, and if not you can find a fellow fan in the room!

4 days of peace, love, and comics!

15th Annual Phoenix Comicon!

It may run a little differently than our Bragg’s show, but not too much. We’re getting special prizes arranged by our friends from around Phoenix, including All About Books & Comics, Amazing Arizona Comics, and of course the tasty food from Bragg’s Diner!

Please help us spread the word about both shows!


Speaking of Amazing Arizona Comics, or buddy Russ who creates them is running a Kickstarter this month to fund a whole year of minicomics! Why not take a look, and consider donating?

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