The most romantic moments in Simpsons history: #1!

Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel dancing in the cafeteria

heaven in hushpuppies

What can we say about this one? Principal Skinner and Ms. Krabappel are two lonely souls who really deserve love. Seeing them find each other is beautiful. And the scene where they lock themselves in the school (with Bart) to protest their being fired because of their relationship is beyond gorgeous. The police spotlight shining through the colander provides a romantic backdrop while they slow dance to a wonderful version of “Embraceable You”…is it any wonder we chose this for #1? The look of bliss on each of their faces says it all.


Spinning forever


We also thought of four BONUS romantic moments that didn’t quite make the cut, but were too funny not to acknowledge.

runners up

4. Flanders dressed in a heart costume, singing a hilariously sanitized version of Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” for his wife. Everything Flanders does is already pretty cuddly, so this is just marginally more saccharine than he usually is. Maude is a lucky woman.

3. Abe Simpson wearing a 10-lb beard of bees to impress The Oldest Woman. Oh the lengths some people will go for love! Grandpa Simpson didn’t win the heart of the World’s Oldest Woman, or a spot in the Guinness Record Book, so I guess he had to content himself with Beeing Friends (and two spots on our runners up list).

2. Bart swearing he’ll never wash his hand again after Laura Powers spat in it. This only makes our bonus list because she was indifferent to the lad’s advances, and Bart used his sticky hand to frighten and repulse his sister. Love should never be used as a weapon.

1. Abe Simpson and Bea’s whirlwind romance, and the fact that she didn’t make him a pall bearer. Grandpa Simpson is the quintessential Old Romantic, but let’s be honest: he’s the quintessential Old Everything, too. His affair with Bea Simmons could have made the main list because it was sweet as a can be, but we put it here because the place love took him was greater than love itself–dignity.

Check back in a couple hours, when we’ll announce our next movie recasting!
Thanks for taking our hand in this journey through the Simpsons Universe via romance.  Enjoy your Hallmark Holiday, share it with someone you love, or just share your love of The Simpsons with someone–maybe you’ll make a new love connection!

~Sincerely, JRC & Diana

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