The most romantic moments in Simpsons history: #3!

Marge makes a special cake for Homer


Marge knows her husband completely, from blood type and how many hairs on his head, to how sensitive he can be (never giggle at his Sherlock Holmes hat).  When Homer is put in charge of decorating Maggie’s birthday cake–because everyone needs to feel useful–of course she knows he’ll overdo the job and potentially wreck it.  Rather than getting mad at him for the inevitable destruction of any cake within Homer’s reach, she plans ahead and makes a second cake to divert him, already overloaded with frosting and candy letters to ruin.  The baby’s cake is saved, Homer is satiated, and once again Marge demonstrates the profound love and understanding for her man that make them such an ideal couple.

Bonus IRL Romantic Moment: Two years ago for Diana’s birthday, JRC got her this cake:

cake to ruin real

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