The most romantic moments in Simpsons history: #6!

Milhouse delivering the tub of Gummi Bears to Samantha at her Catholic school and Samantha kissing him even though she will be punished Circus of Values


We feel for Milhouse. He’s never going to be popular with the ladies (or anyone for that matter) but everyone gets lucky once in a while, and the new girl in school Samantha falls in love with him. Bart’s jealousy tears the couple apart and almost costs him his best bud, but everyone is able to reconcile and get closure in the end. Their emotional reunion at St. Sebastian’s School for Wicked Girls, and Samantha’s choice to kiss him despite impending punishment from the French-Canadian nuns, is the epitome of young love. Also, nothing says “romance” like a 10-gallon tub of Gummi bears.

Fun fact: Samantha is from our city, Phoenix, AZ, and is voiced by Kimmy Roberts, who was Lucy on Twin Peaks.

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