The most romantic moments in Simpsons history: #9!

Homer’s pep talk to Smithers Barney guarding job

Homer’s abysmal failure at taking care of Mr. Burns leads to the despots’ self-sufficiency, and his subsequent severing of ties with Smithers. Without the center of his universe, Smithers is devastated and adrift.  Desperate for employment he applies for the Barney Guarding Job at Moe’s Tavern, and runs into Homer. Not typically a romantic person, Homer nonetheless instinctively recognizes the deep devotion Smithers has for his boss.  Even though their relationships are different, Homer knows that Mr. Burns means as much to Smithers as Marge does to him (despite later being retconned as “homer phobic”).  With a rousing and heartfelt pep talk, Homer inspires Smithers to go back and fight for the love of his life, and boy does he! It takes an odd route getting there, but soon Smithers is feeding his boss Spanish peanuts–without the skin, of course.

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