Brotherly Love

Rebecca Sugar is an illustrator who works on Adventure Time, Steven Universe, as well as her own creations.  Below is the first page of a tribute we think you’ll find particularly poignant:

Just stick it in my vein!

“Don’t Cry For Me I’m Already Dead” by Rebecca Sugar

You should read the whole thing here, it is well worth your time.

Besides being a spectacular story about love, and endings–and of course The Simpsons–it resonates with Diana and I in a particularly deep way.  We often joke about our old age and believe that no matter what happens we’ll at least be able to communicate with each other through our shared language of Simpsons’ quotes.

Like many people who grew up with the show and experienced its golden culturally resonant years, the phrases coined on the show have become a special language we share.  We use them so frequently each one has developed a specific subtexts; they’ve gone far beyond quips to a secret language that I doubt we could fully explain anyone.

In our home, you’re much more likely to hear the phrase “I’m the worst Poochie ever” than “I’m sorry,” and “Psssst…I love you” rather than “I love you.” What classic Simpsons quotes have made it into your everyday vernacular?

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