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The Simpsons has a long history of borrowing scenes and images from iconic movies. It is a show created by people steeped not only in the history of comedy or television, but the story of entertainment itself, going back to at least the era of silent film and vaudeville. If you’re a fan of these things too, you’ll get more out of The Simpsons. We here at FLIM SPRINGFIELD obviously love the show, we own up to season 10 on DVD, and have watched all those episodes dozens of times with and without commentary tracks playing. We treasure the early years most, and are always finding new ways to enjoy the series. One game everyone has played to extend their fun is “which character are you most like?” and on car rides we’ve populated our own Springfield with IRL doppelgangers matched from our friends and family. Extending that same game to your favorite movies and TV shows naturally follows–BARTKIRA is an awesome example.

With no set criteria in mind, our ‘Best Fit’ for the actual casts could be made from shared character tropes, or simply look-a-likes. Sometimes all it takes is just one moment, incident, quip or gag that really defines a Simpsons’ Universe character for us to zero in on and swap them in for the original actors. With the film/TV leading casts we’ll usually want to draw from the most well rounded Simpsons characters, from the family itself or regular supporting characters like Apu, Ned, Edna, Seymour, Krusty, etc. That guideline won’t work in every case, and sometimes we’ll substitute an unconventional choice for our own ‘pet’ reasons. For instance, when a character of color appears in a movie, we’d sooner cast them with a character of color from the Simpsons (admittedly, there aren’t that many) rather than whitewash the role with a perhaps more obvious choice.

We intend cap our “casting pool” with characters introduced only up to Season 10, but we might occasionally dip into the shared universe of THE CRITIC and FUTURAMA when inspired. It’s okay to disagree with our quirks and “head canon,” part of the fun of this is debating why we’re wrong and you’re right. Get together with your nerdy friends and pitch your own dream casts–I know we’d all chose Dirk Richter for every role if we could, but he’s 73 years old, and he’s dead.


Diana & JRC

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